Meet Steve and Willow Gordon

We’ve been operating Gordon Signs in Spencerville, Ontario for over 20 years.

Steve has two apprenticeships. The first from Germany and the second from Canada in the sign industry. These were completed before the computerization of the industry (which happened in the late 80’s). Therefore, he learned hands-on, traditional techniques.

When Willow joined the business, we moved to a modern, computerized design and production process.

This allows us to produce signs that range from simple, commercial units to decorative and creative pieces. We are a two-person operation and can produce all sign types, including large scale projects.

How to Get Started

Submit your free quote. Please provide as much information as possible. Tell us the purpose of the sign, where it will go, the size, single or double-sided, whether posts will be needed, is installation required, etc. From there we should then be able to establish a price fairly quickly.